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Silver Stars Fitness

Our goal at Silver Stars is to provide what we call a “WOW” experience for each and every one of our students who participates in a Silver Stars Fitness program.

We create this experience by offering private services and classes that are geared towards what is MOST important as we age. More significantly, we are able to offer PERSONALIZED attention, the highest quality instruction and instructors that show an abundance of passion when working with all of our students. Our students typically notice the “WOW” after their first class and soon realize that they just experienced something special.

Our programs accommodate a wide range of abilities and goals. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, increase your functional capacity so you can live a quality life, or ease the pain from an arthritic condition or past injury, we can help you!

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Meet Jason


Jason is the founder and CEO of Silver Stars Fitness. He has over twenty years experience working with the baby boomer & beyond client. He is the published author of fitness for real life and the amazing water bottle work-out.

What our clients say

Thank You Jason & Silver Stars Fitness for your splendid program addressing balance and diminished range of motion of the joints (“stiff joints”). I appreciate your conscientiousness and thoroughness and I am both thankful and grateful for positive results. I continue to practice what you taught me and progress continues.

Dr. Irwin CohenM.D., P.A.

Many trainers are good; some others are better. Jason of Silver Stars belongs to the second group. He is knowledgeable and loves to explain. He is dedicated and enthusiastic. He works with you and for you. No wonder, he has many devoted gray haired followers among his clients. I am one of them.

Nelly Furman

Thank you Silver Stars. Since I discovered this wonderful fitness program at the age of 78, I am stronger, more balanced, more mobile, more active and more optimistic. The classes, with soft background music of your choice, are geared
successively for me toward improvement, not perfection. Silver Stars is definitely an integral part of the next chapter of my life as I continue to to enjoy being active.

Martha Bloomberg

Training with Jason at Silver Stars is truly top notch. Our training sessions are well planned and always designed with my goals and fitness level in mind. I also like the no “hustle and bustle” atmosphere at the Silver Stars studio.

Howard EndelmanColumbia Tennis Coach

I have been working with Silver Stars Fitness for over two years, as it has helped my confidence and improved my overall quality of life.

Barbara GoldbergRetired Teacher

Silver Stars Fitness’s integrated system has helped me improve my overall performance and stay injury free.

Salil SeshadriFormer ATP Tennis Professional

They provide personalized training that accommodates my individual fitness needs. I’m always refreshed and energetic after each session.

Maggie Malone

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